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AdaptableBlotter.JS Version 1.3.0 Released​​

Today we released the latest, quarterly, version of AdaptableBlotter.JS.   


This release focussed primarily on ‘interoperability.’ Highlights include:


  • Export – enabling you to send data dynamically to a number of different locations including csv, excel.   Export uses ‘ranges’ - powerful queries that specify the contents of the exported data – which means that data is re-evaluated before each export.



  • Live Updates – an exciting new feature that ensures that data you export to Excel will automatically update, and keep synchronised with, changes made in your grid (only available if you are running AdaptableBlotter.JS in the OpenFin container).



  • iPushPull Integration – If you have an iPushPull account then you can export data from AdaptableBlotter.JS to your data pages in iPushPull.  Any changes to the source data in the Blotter are automatically reflected in your iPushPull pages.


Also included in the release:




  • More data sources added to the demo site so you can evaluate AdaptableBlotter.JS using lifelike data.


  • Performance improvements to ensure that AdaptableBlotter.JS remains the fastest fully-featured HTML5 grid on the market.

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