Some of the key features include:


  • Multiple chart types – e.g. column, line, point, step, spline, waterfall and many others
  • Powerful highlighting and annotation features, including Crosshairs, Tooltips and Transitions
  • Callouts and Final Values so users can see their data as never before
  • Saveable charts which are available when application re-starts
  • One-click Team-sharing to enable easy distribution to colleagues 
  • Cutting-edge querying capability to show the data that really matters
  • Extensive styling options allowing individual customisation of each chart
  • Config options to specify where on the page the Charts should appear

Over the coming months, further chart types (doughnuts, pie charts, sparklines, financial charts etc) and features will be added, as well as an unparalleled Excel DataGrid library so the future is very exciting for the Adaptable Blotter.


Read more here or see it for yourself at our demo site.​

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Integrated Charting in the Adaptable Blotter​

We are delighted to announce that we have just released integrated Charting into the Adaptable Blotter.  


Through a partnership with , the Adaptable Blotter - the market-leading HTML5 DataGrid solution - now allows its growing user base to switch effortlessly between charting and table views.


Charts can be created by developers at design-time and shipped with the Adaptable Blotter or built by users at run-time (and then shared immediately with colleagues).  And they are all 'live' so will update automatically as the underlying grid data ticks.

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