Avoid data entry mistakes or fat finger errors by using Shortcuts to replace particular sets of keystrokes with a single key (e.g. use ‘M’ for a million so that typing 5M becomes 5,000,000).​

You can select any of the pre-existing shortcuts which contain the most commonly used shortcuts in banks.  Or if they don’t fit your needs, then you can create your own. 


Shortcuts on date columns always replace the value in the cell with a new Date. 


Shortcuts on numeric columns allow you to choose between replacing the current value with a new one, or instead adding / subtracting / multiplying / dividing the current value by the amount you specify when creating the shortcut.  (e.g. a Vat shortcut would multiply the cell value by 1.2 whenever V is typed in a numeric cell).


Date shortcuts for Last Working Day and Next Working Day use your current Calendar.  

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