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AdaptableBlotter.JS Version 1.1 Released​

We have today released Version 1.1 of AdaptableBlotter.JS. 


This is the first scheduled quarterly release of AdaptableBlotter.JS.


Highlights include:


  • Ability to define all elements of a Conditional Style (e.g. fore colour, back colour, font size, bold etc.)
  • New Quick Access Buttons in the Dashboard so users can easily access their most commonly used functions.
  • New Filter Control for the Dashboard so users can see which columns are currently filtered – and can turn off all filtering with a single click.
  • Improved date shortcuts which use the currently selected Holiday Calendar
  • Numerous User Interface improvements including a new Colum Selector control, more intuitive wizards and an enhanced colour palette.
  • More information is sent to Audit Log.
  • Enhanced Configuration Server enabling administrators and developers to pre-ship configuration information
  • Ability to handle multiple Adaptable Blotters in the same workspace. 

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