AdaptableBlotter.NET Functions

Conditional Styles


Smart Edit

Keyboard Shortcuts

Advanced Search

Custom Filters

Quick Search

Column Sorts

Function Settings

Blotter Dashboard

Print Preview

Export Blotter

Data Import

Audit Viewer

User Entitlements

User Settings

Instant Alerts

Holiday Calendars

Cell Validation

Theme Picker

Set up columns to flash as cell values change; choose duration and colours


Set up cells or rows to change colour in line with conditions you set


Order and view / hide the columns in your blotter with this intuitive tool


Create multiple layouts so you can have many different views on your data


Zoom in or out so that you can see both the full picture and the small details


Edit groups of cells in intuitive & powerful ways not previously possible


Easily increment or decrement cells with custom values or ratios

Select, or create, keyboard shortcuts for frequently inputted values 

Create custom validation rules and formatting to see "bad" data as soon it occurs 

Use our powerful filters to ensure that you can see only the data you want to see


Quickly find and highlight any cells that match your input text

Build and save powerful searches across multiple columns using this unmatched tool

Create your own sorts for columns where you want to sort the values in your own way


Configure the properties on each Function to get it to work exactly how you want


Add items to the always accessible dashboard so your functions are always on hand

Choose from one of the preset themes to ensure the correct look and feel for your data

Print all or part of your blotter in one click


Export your data to a range of file formats, including CSV, HTML, PDF or XPS


Import data into your blotter from Excel while maintaining full control over data integrity


Be alerted as soon as vital data changes or limits are reached


Set up each user so that they have the right settings for their role and tasks 

Make sure that the correct blotter functionality is accessible to the correct users  

Create custom notifications so you can know who is changing what and when


Upload or select the appropriate Holiday Calendar so that all date functions work appropriately


Zoom View

Flashing Cells

Column Chooser

Multiple Layouts

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