Adaptable Functions

Adaptable Blotter.NET is fast, feature-rich and fully configurable. It enables you to enhance your existing applications with the richest grid functionality available anywhere on the market.


It covers all the main leading grid vendors in both WPF and WinForms ensuring that both your current and legacy applications can receive an unparalleled performance and productivity boost.



Adaptable Blotter.NET is packed with a wealth of Functions providing our users with richer and more intuitive functionality than anything they have experienced before.


Most Functions are targeted at end-users – enabling them to edit, view, search, export and manage their data in powerful new ways.  Other Functions allow them to configure AdaptableBlotter.NET to their precise requirements or create sorts, styles and queries to enhance productivity.


We also provide Functions designed with the needs of Administrators and Support teams in mind – providing powerful notification, auditing, monitoring, entitlements and settings management functionality.


Each function contains many properties facilitating fine grained control over exactly how it should perform for each user but within an Entitlements framework set up by application support teams.


Find out more about each of the AdaptableBlotter.NET Functions.

Tech Spec

Adaptable Blotter.NET is written in C# and contains no external dependencies.


The only DLLs that we ship are the Adaptable Blotter.NET libraries.


Read more about our .architecture and the vendor grids versions currently supported.

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