AdaptableBlotter.NET Tech Spec

The Adaptable Blotter has no external dependencies and ships without any third-party libraries.


The download includes only our own DLLs and those provided by the .NET Framework.  


The Adaptable Blotter DLLs which are shipped are:

AdaptableBlotter.NET Libraries


  •   AdaptableBlotter.Core

  •   AdaptableBlotter.Common.Resources

  •   AdaptableBlotter.Common.Utils

  •   AdaptableBlotter.DevExpress.Core

  •   AdaptableBlotter.Infragistics.Core

  •   AdaptableBlotter.Xceed.Core

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WinForms   

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WinForms.DevExpress

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WinForms.Infragistics 

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WPF

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WPF.DevExpress   

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WPF.Infragistics

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WPF.WPFToolkit  

  •   AdaptableBlotter.WPF.Xceed

Vendor Grids DLLs

AdaptableBlotter.NET is written in C# 6.0 and runs on .NET 4.5 and 4.5.1.


AdaptableBlotter.NET uses architecture to ensure that all logic is written once and available in all combinations.



The Adaptable Blotter will always support the current major version of each 3rd party Vendor grid.


The initial release of the Adaptable Blotter supports the following Vendor Grids and versions.


DevExpress WinForms XtraGrid - Version 16.2 (all Redistributable Assemblies)


Infragistics WinForms UltraGrid - Version 16.2 (all Redistributable Components)



DevExpress WPF GridControl - Version 16.2 (all Redistributable Assemblies)


Infragistics WPF XamDataGrid - Version 16.2 (all Redistributable Components)


WPF Toolkit DataGrid - Version 2.6  (Available on Microsoft Public Licence)



Xceed WPF DataGridControl - Version 5.7  (all Redistributable Assemblies)



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