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AdaptableBlotter.JS Version 1.4.0 Released​​

Today we released the latest version of AdaptableBlotter.JS.   


This release includes many new functions and features.  Highlights include:


  • Team Sharing function which allows you to share Blotter entities you have created (e.g. searches, edit rules, shortcuts, views etc.) with colleagues and team members via a single click.


  • Column Information function enabling you to see at a glance all the items associated with a particular column, together with buttons to create / edit new ones.


  • Extra functionality in Custom Filters so you can create your own ranges dynamically (e.g. > 15) and store them with your grid.


  • New Format Column function providing the ability to style a column in a way that suits you.


  • New look and feel for the Function Toolbars.


  • Improvements to Smart Edit, Shortcut, Calendar and Advanced Search functions

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