AdaptableBlotter.JS is an HTML5 DataGrid add-on, written entirely in JavaScript.  Lightweight but immensely powerful and ready for immediate use, AdaptableBlotter.JS is the fastest and most feature-rich HTML5 DataGrid solution available on the market. 


AdaptableBlotter.JS offers an incredible range of cutting-edge DataGrid functions.  It also offers advanced auditing features, configuration options and single API benefits enabling users across front, middle and back office to be as productive and efficient as possible.


AdaptableBlotter.JS is entirely data-agnostic and delivers a standardised interface across the organisation.


In use in critical front office systems in 6 major banks and buy-side institutions, AdaptableBlotter.JS is at the forefront of the next generation of web applications set to revolutionise the financial desktop. 


Supported Grids

AdaptableBlotter.JS is compatible with the most popular vendor grids such as ag-Grid and Kendo Grid.  So teams who prefer to use a particular vendor can continue to do so, and because AdaptableBlotter.JS contains a single API, users can move easily from one vendor to another without needing wholesale re-engineering.


For those who don’t wish to buy a commercial Grid, Adaptable Blotter.JS also integrates directly with the Hypergrid.  This is an incredibly fast open-source grid, developed by OpenFin, that includes all the functionality you expect from a 3rd party grid and - when coupled with the power and rich performance of the Adaptable Blotter - makes a compelling case for any financial desktop.


AdaptableBlotter.JS also integrates with our own Adaptable Grid.  This is an open source grid which we have developed ourselves and which has most of the features of commercial grids.


AdaptableBlotter.JS enables you to manipulate and understand your data in new and powerful ways that no other Blotter on the street can match.  Whether you want to view, edit, style, filter, export, sort, search, create custom columns, share data with colleagues, or do anything else in your grid, AdaptableBlotter.JS can help you.


AdaptableBlotter.JS also provides unparalleled auditing and alert functions meaning that you can stay updated with anything that happens in the Blotter at any time, and Support have immediate access to all grid activity for every user.


Each function contains many properties facilitating fine grained control over exactly how it should perform for each user but within an Entitlements framework set up by application support teams.


AdaptableBlotter.JS Help contains plenty of tips and information to enable you to take full advantage of the huge amount of functionality on offer.​ 


It has sections for both Administrators / Developers and End Users, Release Notes, Product Videos, and a FAQ section containing answers to many of the questions that we have received at demos and roadshows.


Access AdaptableBlotter.JS Help here

Demo Site

Why not try out AdaptableBlotter.JS yourself and see it in action using dummy data?  You can choose between different underlying grids and see the full range of functionality that we offer.​


Access the AdaptableBlotter.JS demo here.

Incredible Performance

We know that blotter performance is vital.  Many of our clients require grids that can comfortably contain many thousands of rows of constantly updating data.  And still offer a smooth scrolling experience and cells that can be edited quickly and easily.


Which is why when developing AdaptableBlotter.JS we have made sure to take performance into account, every step of the way.


The result is that AdaptableBlotter.JS is generally acknowledged to be the fastest, fully-featured HTML5 grid on the market.


Run Performance Monitor to see AdaptableBlotter.JS running perfectly under extreme conditions

Installation and Integration

AdaptableBlotter.JS is a purely native JavaScript widget running in the browser, and is compatible with the most recent versions of all the major browsers.


AdaptableBlotter.JS is a single download available from npm. It is very straightforward to install and integrate the Blotter into your existing or new HTML5 projects.​


AdaptableBlotter.JS is fully framework independent so you can use it with any JavaScript framework or library of your choice. 


Bespoke services (both pre and post implementation) are available on a per engagement basis from our Premium Partners REGXS Solutions.  


Read more about the AdaptableBlotter.JS architecture at our Help Site


Those using WinForms or WPF but still wishing to benefit from the ground-breaking features and functionality of the Adaptable Blotter can use the .NET version. 


It covers all the main leading grid vendors, ensuring that your legacy applications can receive an unparalleled performance and productivity boost.


Download the AdaptableBlotter.NET sandbox

The Adaptable Blotter provides – out of the box – all the rich functionality which advanced users have come to expect from their datagrids. It includes powerful filtering, searching, editing and auditing tools to allow systems and their users to achieve their top performance. 


The Adaptable Blotter plugs and plays into whichever technologies you use, delivering a standardised interface across your organisation. Use the .JS edition for new HTML5 projects and the .NET edition for your legacy projects. 


The Adaptable Blotter integrates faultlessly with all existing blotters, whether Trade, Deal, Pricing, eTrading, Risk, Activity, Orders or any other type. 


The Adaptable Blotter extends the grids provided by the leading third party vendors.  You can choose whether to integrate it with your preferred commercial vendor grid, or with an open source grid or with our own Adaptable Grid.  Whatever you decide, you will have everything you need to build systems quicker and cheaper while enabling users to be more productive and efficient.

How It Works

What It Offers...

One consistent, clean, intuitive and configurable user interface

Straightforward installation - runs anywhere, and works straight out of the box

Huge savings on development time, software costs, support headaches and system downtime

Works effortlessly across all asset classes, all workflows and all desks

Searching, sorting, filtering, editing and viewing Functions unavailable elsewhere

Audit, User Settings and Entitlements services so you can stay fully informed

Support for major grid vendors so you can continue using the tools you know

Also includes a standalone version where no vendor grid is required

...And How It Will Help You


Whatever the system challenges, the Adaptable Blotter can help deliver a front end which works for users, managers, and development teams.  Whether you are on the trading floor, or busy in the back office, building a new system using HTML5, or supporting a legacy WPF or WinForms application, the Adaptable Blotter integrates directly with your existing choices and systems to give unparalleled functionality, straight out of the box.  One simple installation hands you a tool that is more powerful than anything currently available in the market, and that is ready to go across as many desktops as required. 


The Adaptable Blotter functions deliver to each user his or her ideal working environment, enhancing productivity and effectiveness, as well as providing better management supervision and more effective support.

The Adaptable Blotter licence covers all 3rd party grid vendors and both our AdaptableBlotter.JS and AdaptableBlotter.NET products.  It also includes full support and regular updates.  


The Adaptable Blotter does not include any vendor licences for the underlying grid.


Additional services available include full on-site installation and bespoke functionality. 


For full pricing details please email the Adaptable Tools sales team.

Licences And Other Services


The Adaptable Blotter partners with many of the leading players in the financial HTML5 world to offer you a seamless experience. 


Our partners include:


  • Finsemble – allowing you to have multiple Adaptable Blotters in the same workspace sharing data and events with each other and with 3rd party widgets. 

  • OpenFin – Adaptable Blotter is compatible with this leading HTML5 financial container, offering additional functionality – such as live Excel updates and system tray notifications.

  • iPushPull – this partnership allows you to send data from Adaptable Blotter to Excel, Symphony and elsewhere and see all exported data update in line with changes made in the DataGrid.

  • Cyoda – Adaptable Blotter offers Server Searching and Filtering (letting you perform your custom searches on the server, rather than the client).  Cyoda offers the ability to do this instantly even when your server contains many million records.

  • REGXS - bespoke integration consultancy for the Adaptable Blotter and associated tools and post implementation support to deliver optimum performance

Framework Wrappers


AdaptableBlotter.JS offers specialised wrappers to enable developers to install and access the Blotter using their favourite and familiar JavaScript frameworks.  To date we have included React and Angular wrappers, with more to come for Vue, Ember and other frameworks in coming months.


For more information see our Help pages.

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