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Adaptable Blotter Release 2016:2

The Adaptable Tools Team is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Adaptable Blotter.   Version 16.2 includes:

  • Updated Entitlements Function giving administrators complete, fine-grained control.  Every function and every function property can be configured with an Access level (e.g. Full, ReadOnly, None) and a User Level (e.g. Single, Group, Global).


  • Improvements to the Wizard Control, Configuration Screens and other UI elements to help users more intuitively navigate the system and build complex Adaptable Blotter entities


  • Help pages and context-sensitive help for every function screen and function configuration screen


  • Full Support for Xceed DataGridControl and the WPF Toolkit


  • Improved Flashing Cells configuration so flashing for all columns (or all columns of a data type) can be enabled with a single click


  • Updated Conditional Styles Function enabling Column and Row styles to be applied simultaneously


  • A new Smart Edit Operation, ‘Absolute’, which updates all selected cells to the same value


  • Improved Release mechanism using nuget feed

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