Calculated Columns

Use Calculated Columns to create you own bespoke columns at runtime.  The value of the column is an Expression which you will compose yourself using our maths library, and which can reference as many existing columns as you wish. 


Once created, the Calculated Column becomes part of your grid and it can be moved, hidden, styled, filtered, referenced in your searches and filters and is treated like any other column.


You can create as many Calculated Columns as you need.

The value in the column re-calculates and updates in real time as columns referenced in the expression themselves update.


The name of the Calculated Column – and the Expression – are stored in your storage just like all other items you create when using AdaptableBlotter.JS, and the column is available when you next open the application.


The Calculated Column Expression can reference as many other columns in the grid as required.  

The Expression will typically include one or more mathematical functions.  A huge array of mathematical operators is available including:


  • Basic Operators:  >, <, =, +, -, *, / etc.

  • Min, Max: excellent for when wanting to select highest lowest value from multiple columns (e.g. when using historical data, or if you have multiple prices)

  • Advanced Operators: abs, log, sin etc.

  • Unit Conversion: e.g. between different times, length measurements, mass etc.  (Future enhancements will add the ability for you to plug in your own conversions allowing you, for example, to convert between currencies).


You can also include static values in the Expression e.g. [Col(“spread”) * 1.5].


The possibilities and potential use cases are truly endless and empowering: Calculated Columns allow you to visualise, analyse and structure your data in ways that no other grid makes possible.

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