Custom Filters

The Adaptable Blotter ships with a large number of predefined filters.  Many are date related and use your chosen Holiday Calendar to provide you with filters like ‘Last Working Day’, ‘This Business Year’ etc.  To make use of these filters, select them in the Filter Configuration Screen and they will automatically appear in the relevant column filter dropdowns.

Additionally, you can create your own custom filters so that you can easily access your data in ways that make sense to you.


Custom Filters are built using the Adaptable Blotter Expression Builder and can be either single value operations (e.g. “Large Notional” => ‘Notional’ column > 5,000,000) or multiple value operations (e.g. “Investment Grade” => ‘Fitch Rating’ column In ‘AAA’, ‘AA’, ‘A’, ‘BBB’ etc) 

Filters, once created, are named and then can be used in multiple places in the Adaptable Blotter.  The most common place is of course in the Filter Dropdown for columns where they are suitable.  But they can also be used in Advanced Search, Conditional Styles, Plus / Minus etc – anywhere where the Adaptable Blotter Expression Builder is used.

This allows you to create ‘building blocks’ of your data which you can use repeatedly in intuitive ways throughout the System.

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