Data Import

Import data from excel or elsewhere into the Adaptable Blotter with the Data Import function. 


Simply select the location of your import file and the Adaptable Blotter will take care of the rest.


You can choose how to deal with errors or missing data in accordance with your requirements.

Data Import is designed to work seamless with Export Blotter and Report Scheduler.  For example, a Front Office trader can export the Adaptable Blotter to Excel at close of day, either manually or via a scheduled report, to a central directory.  Middle Office can then make any updates they require to the exported file.  Finally, the next day the Front Office trader can simply import the file via the Data Import function back into the Adaptable Blotter, and all the changes made by Middle Office will be included.


Data Import does not require the full data set to be imported into the Adaptable Blotter. Import still works with a subset of columns and a reduced amount of rows.

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