Version 2 Release​

Today we released the latest monthly update to AdaptableBlotter.JS, our industry-leading HTML5 DataGrid add-on. The new version is 2.0 to reflect that the product is entering its second year. The Release contains many new features and enhancements including: User Interface The Dashboard can be minimised, or hidden entirely, in order to save screen real estateMultiple column sort implemented for HypergridNew BEM-based CSS Style architecture giving you complete control over the look and feel of every element in every screen“About” function providing an “at a glance” view of Blotter properties and data‘Finish’ button added to wizard to make it easier to edit exiting itemsLegend added to wizard header, so clear where in the Wizard the user currently is‘Select All’ option in the Column Header menu Layouts Can now create new layouts from scratch or based on an existing layoutNow include Sort Order – with multiple sorted columns availableNow include option to include Vendor specific information (e.g. column widths, grouping info)Improved GUI to make it easier to edit and select layouts Server Search New feature allowing you to perform searching and/or filtering on the Server instead of the ClientCan specify which Search functions will take place on Server and which on ClientNew ‘DataSource’ function which allows you to provide lists of Books / Stored Procs which when selected by the User will trigger a new dataset Developers Powerful new API allowing full programmatic runtime access to all Adaptable Blotter objects and functions. Adaptable Blotter download file now includes source-maps to facilitate debuggingConfiguration allows you to specify which Toolbars and Toolbar Buttons are available and which are visible at start-upNew Configuration option to specify permitted values for a columnCan now specify an existing CSS style to be used instead of building the style through the GUI – used in Conditional Style and Quick SearchImprovements to how config is supplied to the Blotter – can now use either a file or a JSON block​

Adaptable Blotter is One Year Old​

In just 12 exciting months AdaptableBlotter.JS has become firmly established as the most powerful and feature-rich HTML5 datagrid add-on in the market. Heartfelt thanks to our growing list of clients - in banks, FTSE100 companies, software houses and elsewhere - for making AdaptableBlotter.JS the industry-standard "out of the box" HTML5 datagrid solution. The unparalleled range of cutting edge functions let you search, edit, filter, export, share, aggregate and style your data in ways not previously possible. But we're not resting on our laurels; we continue to add exciting, new functionality that helps our users be more efficient and productive.  Keep your eyes peeled for all the new features coming in our second year including Charting, Server Edition, Voice Support, enhanced Symphony integration and much else...​

AdaptableBlotter.JS Version 1.4.0 Released​​

Today we released the latest version of AdaptableBlotter.JS.    This release includes many new functions and features.  Highlights include: Team Sharing function which allows you to share Blotter entities you have created (e.g. searches, edit rules, shortcuts, views etc.) with colleagues and team members via a single click. Column Information function enabling you to see at a glance all the items associated with a particular column, together with buttons to create / edit new ones. Extra functionality in Custom Filters so you can create your own ranges dynamically (e.g. > 15) and store them with your grid. New Format Column function providing the ability to style a column in a way that suits you. New look and feel for the Function Toolbars. Improvements to Smart Edit, Shortcut, Calendar and Advanced Search functions​

AdaptableBlotter.JS Community Licence​  

We are pleased to announce that AdaptableBlotter.JS now offers a Community Licence. Under this licence, charities, students in full-time education, and contributors to open source projects receive full access to the Adaptable Blotter free of charge. We have received many requests from students who want to use our product for personal use but are unable to afford a commercial licence, and we are delighted that they can now do so. Likewise, at Adaptable Tools we have benefited from the contributions of many wonderful open-source projects in creating AdaptableBlotter.JS and are happy to be able to give something back to the community. All other users of AdaptableBlotter.JS must purchase a commercial licence – for details and prices please contact us.​

AdaptableBlotter.JS Version 1.3.0 Released​​

Today we released the latest, quarterly, version of AdaptableBlotter.JS.    This release focussed primarily on ‘interoperability.’ Highlights include: Export – enabling you to send data dynamically to a number of different locations including csv, excel.   Export uses ‘ranges’ - powerful queries that specify the contents of the exported data – which means that data is re-evaluated before each export.  Live Updates – an exciting new feature that ensures that data you export to Excel will automatically update, and keep synchronised with, changes made in your grid (only available if you are running AdaptableBlotter.JS in the OpenFin container).  iPushPull Integration – If you have an iPushPull account then you can export data from AdaptableBlotter.JS to your data pages in iPushPull.  Any changes to the source data in the Blotter are automatically reflected in your iPushPull pages. Also included in the release: Improved Multiple Blotter functionality so many different instances of AdaptableBlotter.JS can share data, filters and updates. Enhancements to Smart Edit, Plus / Minus and Shortcut, and functions to give you the best and most complete editing experience. More data sources added to the demo site so you can evaluate AdaptableBlotter.JS using lifelike data. Performance improvements to ensure that AdaptableBlotter.JS remains the fastest fully-featured HTML5 grid on the market.​


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