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AdaptableBlotter.JS Version 1.2.0 Released​

Today we released a new, quarterly, version of AdaptableBlotter.JS.  Highlights include:


  • Calculated Columns – enabling you to create bespoke columns using a custom expression that will update in real time.
  • Support for ag-Grid – a very popular and functional rich HTML5 grid control with excellent support for aggregation
  • Improvements in speed and performance –which serve to make AdaptableBlotter.JS the fatest fully-featured grid on the market.
  • OpenFin Compatibility – AdaptableBlotter.JS works fully in the popular and powerful OpenFin container.
  • Multiple Blotter Support – we leverage Finsemble to enable multiple grid instances to share data, updates, filters and events
  • New Demo Site – you can now evaluate and test AdaptableBlotter.JS whenever you want, with full source code available

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