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Version 2 Release​

Today we released the latest monthly update to AdaptableBlotter.JS, our industry-leading HTML5 DataGrid add-on.


The new version is 2.0 to reflect that the product is entering its second year.


The Release contains many new features and enhancements including:


User Interface


  • The Dashboard can be minimised, or hidden entirely, in order to save screen real estate
  • Multiple column sort implemented for Hypergrid
  • New BEM-based CSS Style architecture giving you complete control over the look and feel of every element in every screen
  • “About” function providing an “at a glance” view of Blotter properties and data
  • ‘Finish’ button added to wizard to make it easier to edit exiting items
  • Legend added to wizard header, so clear where in the Wizard the user currently is
  • ‘Select All’ option in the Column Header menu




  • Can now create new layouts from scratch or based on an existing layout
  • Now include Sort Order – with multiple sorted columns available
  • Now include option to include Vendor specific information (e.g. column widths, grouping info)
  • Improved GUI to make it easier to edit and select layouts


Server Search


  • New feature allowing you to perform searching and/or filtering on the Server instead of the Client
  • Can specify which Search functions will take place on Server and which on Client
  • New ‘DataSource’ function which allows you to provide lists of Books / Stored Procs which when selected by the User will trigger a new dataset




  • Powerful new API allowing full programmatic runtime access to all Adaptable Blotter objects and functions. 
  • Adaptable Blotter download file now includes source-maps to facilitate debugging
  • Configuration allows you to specify which Toolbars and Toolbar Buttons are available and which are visible at start-up
  • New Configuration option to specify permitted values for a column
  • Can now specify an existing CSS style to be used instead of building the style through the GUI – used in Conditional Style and Quick Search
  • Improvements to how config is supplied to the Blotter – can now use either a file or a JSON block

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