With continuous data flows, managing information is critical. 

The Adaptable Blotter is fully data agnostic - it works effortlessly with all datagrids, data sources, data formats, asset classes, desks and workflows. And its rich suite of auditing and validation tools serve as a first line of compliance defence, helping users to meet regulatory requirements.


The Adaptable Blotter is the first game-changing component from Adaptable Tools, a new software house which brings developers and users together to create tools that businesses really need. 

How It Works

Licences And Other Services

The Adaptable Blotter provides – out of the box – all the rich functionality which advanced users have come to expect from their datagrids. It includes powerful filtering, searching, editing and auditing tools to allow systems and their users to achieve their top performance. 


The Adaptable Blotter plugs and plays into whichever technologies you use, delivering a standardised interface across your organisation. Use the .JS edition for new HTML5 projects and the .NET edition for your legacy projects. 


The Adaptable Blotter integrates faultlessly with all existing blotters, whether Trade, Deal, Pricing, eTrading, Risk, Activity, Orders or any other type. 


The Adaptable Blotter extends the grids provided by the leading third party vendors.  You can choose whether to integrate it with your preferred commercial vendor grid, or with an open source grid or with our own Adaptable Grid.  Whatever you decide, you will have everything you need to build systems quicker and cheaper while enabling users to be more productive and efficient.

The Adaptable Blotter - a powerful DataGrid add-on - revolutionises the user interface of financial applications.


The Adaptable Blotter makes decisions easier, faster, and more reliable, enhancing productivity across systems throughout your organisation.

One Tool: Infinite Applications

The Adaptable Blotter

Brings the full picture together fast, allowing you to focus on getting more out of your data

Infinite variations - a wealth of functions all within a single solution

Giving users, support, developers and managers what they need time and again

Wish I had this years ago.  Quick to implement and easy to use.  Looks great and actually works.



Incredibly useful and well overdue.  The Adaptable Blotter is likely to become standard on every trader's desktop.


Finally!  A blotter that lets me manage my data my way.  This is a real and welcome boost to productivity.




Barry Gould

Group CIO, Noble Group





'T.G.' Fixed Income Trader 





Ingemar Svensson

Former CTO Risk





What It Offers...

One consistent, clean, intuitive and configurable user interface

Straightforward installation - runs anywhere, and works straight out of the box

Huge savings on development time, software costs, support headaches and system downtime

Works effortlessly across all asset classes, all workflows and all desks

Searching, sorting, filtering, editing and viewing Functions unavailable elsewhere

Audit, User Settings and Entitlements services so you can stay fully informed

Support for major grid vendors so you can continue using the tools you know

Also includes a standalone version where no vendor grid is required

...And How It Will Help You


Whatever the system challenges, the Adaptable Blotter can help deliver a front end which works for users, managers, and development teams.  Whether you are on the trading floor, or busy in the back office, building a new system using HTML5, or supporting a legacy WPF or WinForms application, the Adaptable Blotter integrates directly with your existing choices and systems to give unparalleled functionality, straight out of the box.  One simple installation hands you a tool that is more powerful than anything currently available in the market, and that is ready to go across as many desktops as required. 


The Adaptable Blotter functions deliver to each user his or her ideal working environment, enhancing productivity and effectiveness, as well as providing better management supervision and more effective support.

Desktop Users

The world as you need to see it


Providing a user interface fit for first class systems


  • Infinitely customisable – configurable to each user’s unique requirements

  • Designed for users by users – making the application interface an enjoyable place to spend time

  • More powerful than any blotter on the market – built to help you do your job better & faster


  • One simple API, providing access to a wealth of functions

  • Integrates with all the most widely used Vendor Grids

  • Straightforward installation with tools to add bespoke functionality & entities as required

IT Managers


Taking out time, tension and cost

Total transparency and system self surveillance


  • Solving the UI challenge so that your developers can focus on solving real business problems

  • Substantial reduction in application development time, allowing earlier release at lower cost

  • Simplifies skill requirements - reducing the need for grid specialists with non transferrable skills

  • Ready alert system - real time updates & warnings, highlighting critical issues immediately

  • Audit function which establish at a stroke who did what and when

  • Function properties and settings can be configured centrally and easily shared across teams

Architecture Teams

One answer for thousands of different needs

  • One consistent user interface for every desk, in every location, for every role

  • Respects system individuality while eliminating duplication

  • Powerful entitlements service to deliver consistent behaviour across multiple applications

The Adaptable Blotter licence covers all 3rd party grid vendors and both our AdaptableBlotter.JS and AdaptableBlotter.NET products.  It also includes full support and regular updates.  


The Adaptable Blotter is free for development and evaluation use. A free Community Licence is available for students in full time education, charities and open-source projects. For all other usage, an annual licence must be purchased. For pricing details please email the Adaptable Tools sales team.


Additional services available include full on-site installation and bespoke functionality. 


The Adaptable Blotter does not include any vendor licences.

+44 (0)20 7078 4141


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