The power of data is our ability to read and manipulate it.​

Adaptable Tools is a FinTech software house committed to building the tools to make data work for users, helping decision-making and enhancing productivity throughout data-driven organisations. Development focuses on end-users, creating products which meet their needs intuitively.


Adaptable Tools works with financial services businesses and software houses globally to change the way they work.


Adaptable Tools is recognised as one of the leading innovators in the web-desktop financial space and was the winner of the Best FinTech Innovation award at the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit in 2018. 

One Tool: Infinite Applications

The Adaptable Blotter

Brings the full picture together fast, allowing you to focus on getting more out of your data

Infinite variations - a wealth of functions all within a single solution

Giving users, support, developers and managers what they need time and again

Wish I had this years ago.  Quick to implement and easy to use.  Looks great and actually works.



Incredibly useful and well overdue.  The Adaptable Blotter is likely to become standard on every trader's desktop.


Finally!  A blotter that lets me manage my data my way.  This is a real and welcome boost to productivity.




Barry Gould

Group CIO, Noble Group





'T.G.' Fixed Income Trader 





Ingemar Svensson

Former CTO Risk






Adaptable Blotter


The game-changing Adaptable Blotter DataGrid add-on revolutionises the user interface of financial applications. It includes, out of the box, all the advanced DataGrid related functionality that any user could ever need.


Fully data agnostic, it works effortlessly with all DataGrids, data sources, data formats, asset classes, desks and workflows. And its rich suite of auditing and validation tools serve as a first line of compliance defence, helping users to meet regulatory requirements.


Full details in our Help pages.  

Grid Gurus


Every financial application has a DataGrid at its heart.  Adaptable Tools consultants have expert knowledge of all the leading vendor grid controls and can advise you on which is the best choice for your individual requirements.


We can also help you to set up your grids so that they consume your data from any source in the most efficient way, as well as writing bespoke additional functionality, as required, to enable you to get the most out of your data.

Web Consultancy 


Financial systems are increasingly being written for the web browser, rather than the desktop.  But there is a bewildering choice of frameworks, deployment options and competing technologies. 


As a leading player in the financial web space, Adaptable Tools can help you to navigate this complicated area to provide you with a bespoke solution that fits your needs.  We have long-standing relationships and partnerships with many of the leading financial web companies and will work with them as required.

A clever piece of software that delivers powerful, advanced functionality to the end user.​

Technology that enhances operational and developmental productivity through excellence in design and implementation.​

A great tool that is easy to install and packed with cutting-edge functionality.  Adds real value to the software that we deliver to our clients.​






Andy Robertson,

Chief Innovation Officer,



John Greenan,

Industry Expert​

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