FDC3 2.0 Demo

This demo illustrates the FDC3 2.0 capabilities in AdapTable.

It leverages the Connectifi Sandbox to illustrate how AdapTable users are able to:

  • Raise Intents
  • Listen for Intents
  • Broadcast Contexts
  • Listen for Contexts
  • Provide custom FDC3 Context
  • Use AdapTable's FDC3 UI controls

See the Project Read Me or AdapTable's FDC3 docs for more information

To start the demo, simply click the AdapTable logo

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Github Issue Log Recipe

This demo mimics an Issue Log tracker using data from Github Issues.

It demonstrates many of the features in AdapTable designed to improve workflows, editing and boost user productivity, including:

  • Action Columns
  • Custom Menus
  • Conditional Styles
  • Calculated Columns
  • User Reports
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Custom Filters

The demo was built in 1 day using AG Grid v.27 and the new ReactUI.

It required no custom code: everything used Adaptable's API.

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ipushpull Integration Demo

This demo shows AdapTable integrated with ipushpull.

Live, ticking, data is exported from AdapTable to ipushpull from where it can be sent to multiple venues like Slack, Symphony and other chat rooms.

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AdapTable React Integration Demo

This demo showcases AdapTable React - the React framework version of AdapTable.

It contains multiple custom AdapTable UI elements (Toolbars, ToolPanels and Settings Panels) provided as React Components.

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