AdapTable Tools helps you  get the most from AG Grid

We take your AG Grid implementation to the next level, helping you deliver with speed and confidence, risk-free to your clients.

We ensure the world's leading JavaScript DataGrid delivers for you, however complex your use-case may be, simply and easily.

AdapTable, our cutting-edge AG Grid extension, and Grid Gurus, our unique DataGrid advisory service, support many of the worlds' leading financial services companies & other businesses.

Adaptable Tools are doing a stellar job of optimising our data grid solutions with the end-user in mind.
Their expert team has done fantastic work in exploring and executing the many possibilities for our data grid product, and we recommend any business that hasn’t fully embraced data tools to follow up with them.

Niall Crosby, Founder of
Adaptable Tools works with you through every stage of your AG Grid experience, ensuring you get 100% of the value AG Grid has to offer, 100% of the time.

We keep pace with every AG Grid innovation, to ensure that you always get the benefit of the grid’s enhanced capabilities as they happen.

We can help you to extend grid functionality, and enhance the user interface, so that your application really delivers what you need.

Our solutions work across React, Angular and Vanilla JS.  We work with all relevant libraries and components, and we can bridge from legacy applications into the latest technology, while still using your own proprietary tools and styling.

Major Pharmaceutical

Worked well with my developers providing specialist know how and training them.

Senior Developer, Global Asset Manager

Well on its way to becoming the Excel of front-office tools.

CTO Global Finance Group

Incredibly useful and well overdue. AdapTable Rx is likely to become standard on every trader’s desktop.

Tier 1 Investment Bank

Contributed new ways of thinking which really strengthened our approach.

CIO Global Software House

A great tool packed with cutting-edge functionality. Adds real value to the software for our clients.

CTO Magic Circle Law Firm

A big time and money saver – they knew exactly what to do and found lots of short cuts.

Latest News

Read our latest updates to learn how AdapTable can make you more efficient and productive

The OpenFin plugin in AdapTable offers truly revolutionary data management including:

  • 2-way fully-audited integration with Excel to keep changing data updated in both places
  • Full integration between AdapTable and OpenFin notifications
  • Seamless interface via FDC3 enabling multiple windows and widgets to collaborate

With the plugin in AdapTable, users can enjoy rich data grid functionality that offers full interoperability to create a truly smart desktop.

Leveraging the power of FDC3 2.0 (with as the desktop agent) AdapTable can make any data set interoperable in real-time.

Our partnership with Finos allows us to bring the benefits of Open Standards to the financial sector, primarily through FDC3 - the open standard for the financial desktop.

AdapTable integrates seamlessly with AG Grid – the market-leading DataGrid control - to deliver a best in class data management system. Combining the two products “significantly reduces development time and cost…and delivers a lightning fast and intuitive experience for the user.”

AdapTable extends the powerful functionality provided by AG Grid to enable you to build data management applications unparalleled in power and sophistication, with features not previously available.

The newest addition to the AdapTable product range - AdapTable for Infinite Table for React - extends Infinite Table for React - a modern, lightweight, declarative, fully-typed, extensible, theme-able DataGrid designed to help you build React apps faster.

AdapTable for Infinite Table includes all the advanced data management features our users love in AdapTable for AG Grid.

AdapTable for Infinite Table is available with a single, fully integrated licence - meaning just one purchase to control the whole data stack

ipushpull enables you easily to connect data and HTML5 applications in real time. The AdapTable integration with ipushpull allows data to be sent from your grid to Excel, Symphony and elsewhere with exported data updating in real time as your grid data changes.

Listen to our discussion with ipushpull about what we can do together. 

The Adaptable Tools team are the world’s leading datagrid experts, offering a unique service, and product, which makes a real difference to the success of your AG Grid implementation. 

We have decades of experience advising large global companies for whom failure is not an option, helping them to avoid costly mistakes and achieve the DataGrid performance and capabilities they are looking for. 

  • Working with millions of rows of data?
  • Looking for server-side integration?
  • Multiple grids?
  • Simple and elegant user interface?
  • Using interop or OpenFin?
  • Collaborating through FDC3?
  • Using AG Grid or 3rd party Charting libraries?
Danielle Nagler
Co-founder and CEO
Jonny Wolfson
Co-founder and CTO
Ralph Sanders
Finance consultant
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