January 22, 2024

AdapTable 17 is the latest version of the market-leading AGGrid extension from AdapTable Tools.


The main focus in AdapTable 17 is on Filtering and Searching.

A new Grid Filter module allows run-time users to create powerful searches across multiple columns. These searches can be named and saved for re-use.



And a new Query Builder screen enables Grid Filters to be created entirely through easy to use UI controls.


Grid Filters can work in conjunction with Column Filters, providing the most powerful and flexible DataGrid filtering functionality on the market.

A new Dashboard option, Pinned Toolbars, enables the Grid Filter to be placed directly above the Grid.


AdapTable 17 also includes a new Data Import module which allows uses to load data into AdapTable from excel files (or to copy and paste), with full validation.

These can include both updates to existing rows and new rows.

Other features in AdapTable 17 include:

  • Support for external charts
  • A more customisable QuickSearch
  • A Badge Style that can display column values as Badges
  • More functions available in AdapTableQL – our cutting-edge Query Language beloved by advanced users

 If you are using AG Grid then AdapTable 17 is a must have extension, that will provide you with a huge range of advanced DataGrid functionality, that works straight out of the box, conferring significant competitive advantage.

 And like all AdapTable releases, AdapTable 17 takes care of the complexities of recent AG Grid upgrades, so you can concentrate on providing the business logic that your users require.

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