September 4, 2023

AdapTable 16 is the latest version of the market-leading AG Grid extension from AdapTable Tools, that bridges the gap between Data Grids and their users.



AdapTable 16 provides comprehensive support for FDC3 – the open standard for the financial desktop – that is increasingly used across financial services.

AdapTable 16 offers an integrated and unparalleled set ofFDC3 features - including an outstanding range of in-built FDC3 UI components -that allow users to:

  • Raise, and listen to, FDC3 Intents
  • Broadcast, and listen to, FDC3 Contexts
  • Create custom FDC3 Context

 AdapTable 16’s rich FDC3 feature-set works straight out of the box with leading platform providers like, openfin, refinitiv and connectifi.  

If you are looking to use FDC3 to manage interoperability ,then AdapTable – the FDC3-enabled DataGrid – provides a cost-effective way to getup and running in just a few hours.



AdapTable 16 also provides an impressive set of new UI features (many suggested by our growing user base), that enable run-time usersto manage and visualise their data in ways not previously possible.  These include:

Badge Styles

Badge Styles are a great new way to visualise Column data by showing cell values inside colourful, configurable badges which can include icons.

There can be numerous different Badges in a column based on bespoke rules provided by users.


Comments allow run-time users to write, save and share bespoke notes about their data.

These Comments are stored inside AdapTable State rather than with the underlying grid data.

Action Rows

Action Rows are a very powerful, and safe, way to add, edit, and delete Grid rows.

When editing a row, AdapTable will display a dynamic form that allows for safe and easy editing, giving developers or support a "last look" if required.

Floating Quick Search

Floating Quick Search displays the Quick Search input in response to custom keyboard keys provided by the user.

AG Grid 30

AdapTable 16 supports AG Grid 30 which was a major new version.  

Like all AdapTable releases, AdapTable 16 handles the pain, and mitigates the risk, of dealing with new DataGrid and Framework versions, by managing the entire upgrade process for you.

AdapTable 16 allows IT managers and developers to concentrate on meeting business requirements and needs, rather than addressing genericUI concerns, thereby boosting productivity and efficiency, while delivering on time and to budget.


If you are an existing AdapTable user, then you can simply download AdapTable 16 from npm.

If you are not yet using AdapTable, please get in touch with us to book a personalised 1:1 demo, or request your own, free, no-obligation, AdapTable 16 Trial Licence so you can try out the FDC3-enabled DataGrid using your own data, and discover how AdapTable brings the opportunities and promise of FDC3 to life.

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