February 17, 2022

AdapTable Version 12 was released in June 2020 and supports AG Grid 27.3

The main new features in AdapTable 12 are:

  • Rich AdapTable content can now be hosted in AG Grid's Status Bar - multiple Status Panels are provided, allowing quick access to commonly used AdapTable functionality from inside the Status Bar
  • New Action Rows enable rows in the Grid to be added and edited quickly and safely - with full change monitoring
  • Layouts have been extended to include ’scoped’ objects e.g. Conditional Styles and Column Formats - this allows you to create richer ‘Views’ (a long requested piece of functionality)
  • 5 new FDC3 Columns can broadcast fully compliant FDC3 messages and raise FDC3 intents, and integrate directly with Finsemble, OpenFin and Glue42
  • DataSets allow big data to be to displayed in AdapTable via dynamic, parameterised queries - very useful if wanting to use the ClientSideRowModel but with large datasets

For more information about Adaptable 12 watch this video or read the Upgrade Guide.

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