November 13, 2022
This Press Release was recently published by our friends and partners at AG Grid

AdapTable is a powerful low-code ‘extension’ to leading datagrid provider, AG Grid. The collaboration enables AdapTable Tools to build on top of AG Grid, using the hooks, themes and API to deliver accessible end user focussed data features for businesses who don’t necessarily have the time or capacity to develop their own data tools in-house.

Through itslow-code functionality, AdapTable helps to bring out the native power of AGGrid’s core product, making it easy for businesses to implement industry-leadingdata tools to their online platforms, and access key customisation featureslike comprehensive query language, custom editors, calculated cells,configurable dashboards, settings panels, cell rendering and formatting,alerts, Excel exporting, and more.

AdapTable is ultimately very popular amongst businesses who don’t have their own in-house developers or skilled tech specialists to implement and customise the datagrids themselves. However, the service is also heavily used by developers too, particularly through its API, which helps reduce design time, saving developers hours of time by connecting them with pre-set functionalities and filters.

AdapTable Tools recently launched version 13 of AdapTable, which includes a fresh new website, updated documentation to easily list and describe everything AdapTable can do, with corresponding demos. It also includes all the different versions for eachJavaScript framework including Angular and React.

Jonny Wolfson, CTO of AdapTable Tools, comments:

“AG Grid is thebest datagrid solution available, and our goal is to make their product evenmore accessible to end-users, who don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to build or customise their data tools in-house. Our team has taken the time toconsider many of the amazing applications and use cases for AG Grid, and builta low-code extension that connects these users with many different use casesand ideas for how to benefit from this excellent product.”

Niall Crosby,CEO & CTO for AG Grid, commented:

“AdapTableTools are doing a stellar job of optimising our data grid solutions with the end-user in mind. Their expert team has done fantastic work in exploring and executing the many possibilities for our data grid product, and we recommend any business that hasn’t fully embraced data tools to follow up with them for a demo.”

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