August 24, 2023

Faced with data you can’t control, you may well be feeling overwhelmed.

But help is at hand from the world’s most sophisticated grid product – AG Grid – combined with the full set of tools that come with the AdapTable add-on.

AdapTable and AG Grid developers work together to ensure that the two products are fully synchronised. 

What they can do for you is limited only by your imagination, and your needs.

AG Grid provides the most powerful grid product available today, in use by enterprise users in the world’s largest businesses whenever they need a tool to order data.

But it isAdapTable and its user functionality that really ensure the grid delivers in every situation. 

Particular powerful features include:

·     Custom editors

·     Calculated cells and columns

·     Configurable dashboards

·     Settings panel

·     User configurable cell rendering and formatting

·     Data change alerts – both immediate and observable

·     Scheduled Excel exporting and synchronisation

·     Team sharing to allow users to work together and share state

·     Full audit functionality

AdapTable allows teams using AG Grid to get it up and running for users almost instantaneously – ending the nightmare of months of bespoke grid development to provide a limited set of tools which don’t always deliver.

 To see the two working together, click here to see an interview between AG Grid and AdapTable Tools CTO, Jonny Wolfson.

 Or get in touch for your own bespoke demo which will show how AdapTable working with AG Grid can meet your needs.

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